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How do we work?

Short example: Thomas Heller

I base my lessons on my life story. I talk about my  negative experiences as a drug addict.

In  the second part, I answer the personal questions of the participants by combining my own experience and scientific knowledge.

I have led  a drug free life for 31 years. Therefore,  I can  speak objectively about how a drug addict thinks and show how much different my viewpoint  is since I’m free of drugs.

My experiences in the prevention work show me how important it is to enter into the individual questions and problems of the participants. I don’t lecture theoretically about heroin if I realise that the students  in front of me are confronted strongly with nicotine, alcohol, cannabis and others in their free time or at school. I am flexible and can refer to the actual concerns of my students.

I constantly develop my working method according to current requirements.

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Prevention work in schools, parishes, homes, youth meetings, apprentice weeks and projects, companies, municipalities.

- lesson (2-3 lessons as described above) -parents' evenings

- Theater sessions  (role plays) - Disco projects -  work-shop support

- Special projects based on the clients' needs - Public information evenings -

Projects with companies and organizations

Planning of projects

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